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At hynmetal, we are a specialized enterprise dedicated to delivering high-quality services in non-ferrous metal rolling processing and metal material fabrication. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and supported by an experienced team, hynmetal focuses on providing diverse metal processing solutions to our clients.

Our core business at hynmetal spans across metal cutting, non-ferrous metal casting, metal surface treatment, and heat treatment processes. Whether it's customized metal components, intricate metal structures, or specialized metal products, hynmetal prides itself on meeting diverse needs with precision and excellence.

As a comprehensive entity, hynmetal's services and product range extends beyond metal processing. We engage in the sale of various metal materials, including premium-grade non-ferrous metals and metal products. Furthermore, we supply intelligent basic manufacturing equipment, offering advanced manufacturing solutions to our clients.

Our scope extends globally, engaging in both import and export activities, aiming to provide holistic solutions to our clientele.

At the heart of hynmetal's operations lie our core values: premium quality, reliability, and innovation. Continuously striving for technological advancements and exceptional quality, our team at hynmetal boasts extensive expertise and a strong reputation in the metal processing and manufacturing industry.

Whether you seek customized metal components or high-quality metal materials and products, hynmetal is committed to serving your needs. We persistently strive to deliver exceptional products and professional services to our clients, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and collectively building a brighter future. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you!